AIBiBANK is a research and experimental development project aimed at building a bio-bank of biological material and biomedical imaging, which exploits the potential of deep learning and advanced computer science applied to large masses of data (big data).

The aim of the project is to set up a technological infrastructure capable of managing clinical information and data, enabling the development of automatic identification and deep learning techniques, thanks to clinical information and data from tissues and diagnostic imaging, capable of providing top-level scientific and technological contributions to research.

The Biobank will be fundamental to the development of clinical and pharmacological solutions. During the 24-month project period, two technologies will be developed for two tumour diseases that are important in terms of incidence and mortality (breast and prostate). The project is based on the development of artificial intelligence applications based on standardised and open source application stacks, simplifying the development process, reducing costs, as well as time to market compared to the previous technology generation.