A group-breaking national innovation 

The aim of the AIBiBank project is to create an analysis platform that allows the implementation of artificial intelligence techniques to be applied to the development of innovative tools to support doctors for the treatment and prevention of cancer. In particular, the latter will have a focus on breast and prostate cancers, which are among the most significant in terms of incidence and mortality in Italy.

An innovation in both product and process: an absolute novelty for Italy. The creation of the Biobank, in compliance with the requirements of cyber security, privacy, technological structuring of data, integration into platforms of heterogeneous and complex systems derived from different clinical facilities, is itself a product that generates useful knowledge, ensuring more accurate and cost-effective diagnostic paths.

In order to support the multiplicity of usage cases envisaged by the project, the approach adopted is inspired by some of the most modern technologies for system integration. Compared to more traditional approaches based on the historical management of structured data by means of a multi-level Data Warehouse, these allow a better management of unstructured data in the field of Big Data and Deep Learning.