Privacy by design

Data security

Since its conception, the AIBiBank project has been designed to respond rigorously to the stringent requirements of the GDPR, reserving specific tasks for the analysis of the regulations and their strict compliance from a technological and organisational point of view.

In the first months of activity, a special algorithm has been developed, also patented, which has the characteristic of making completely anonymous the data acquired from the clinical archives before being transferred to the AIBiBank datalake. The anonymisation process, which is mathematically irreversible, removes from the data any direct reference to the patient and any indirect reference that may lead to his identity. The algorithm also makes it possible to aggregate data from the same patient, again in an anonymous way.

As far as organisational aspects are concerned, with the help of Italy’s leading experts in the field of privacy regulations, the partners also carried out the formal aspects of appointing external managers, drawing up an accurate and timely data protection impact assessment (DPIA).

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