A digital Biobank

AIBiBank (Bio-Banking for Artificial Intelligence)is an experimental research project involving the creation of a digital Biobank for the development of clinical and pharmacological decision-making systems. The technological and regulatory infrastructure, in computer jargon DataLake, collects, organizes and uses medical images and clinical data through artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning techniques.

Together with research bodies and partner companies, financed by the Piedmont Region,  the project was created as part of the Pi.Te.F (Piattaforma Tecnologica di Filiera – Bio-Banking for Artificial Intelligence in Oncology) call of the ERDF ROP2014-2020 and is part of the Artificial Intelligence applied to precision medicine and the development of predictive diagnostics sector.

After and 24 months of work and with a total investment of EUR 5.8 million, AIBiBank integrates bio-technological sciences, clinical aspects and computer science, strengthening the collaboration between public and private research actors and promoting a significant increase in R&D interventions, in line with the Europe 2020 strategy Europa 2020.