Who we are

A strong network

Financed by the Region of Piedmont, AIBiBank is coordinated by Health Triage, an innovative Turin-based group which leads and promotes the project. It is supported by a group of private partners and local hospital bodies, including Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, Medas, Lattanzio KIBS, AOU Città della Salute e della Scienza di Torino, Fondazione del Piemonte per l’Oncologia di Candiolo – FPO – IRCCS.
Thanks to the logic of the supply chain, the parties have the opportunity to create a first-class biobank in terms of size and quality of collection, which uses medical imaging to improve diagnostics starting from the organization of radiological data and images.


The innovative startup and project leading group from Turin is dedicated to the development of technologies and skills in the field of AI applied to precision medicine. It focuses on improving cancer prevention and treatment through new technologies based on deep learning. In its own office in the Region of Piedmont, and through the recruitment of qualified and experienced resources, it has already acquired the skills necessary for the management of the project.


As a first national reality for software and services at all governmental levels (central, regional, corporate and supra-company), it provides an Advanced Analytics Competence Centre. This provides experts with aid in modelling complex problems and machine learning/AI algorithms, both on traditional and Big Data architectures, as well as with the DataScienceLab, a cloud infrastructure on which to experiment with innovative technologies and algorithms for fast prototyping. Thanks to its strong presence in various innovative areas of the Piedmont Region, including e-Health, it brings expertise in the provision and development of cloud infrastructures and applications for data storage and management.


An Italian company expert in the development of innovative, simplifying and quality services, and in System Integrator activities in the medical field. It specializes in the integration of hospital systems and in the legally compliant substitute storage of clinical documents and digital images. Also based in Turin since 2009, it actively participates in the technical-functional design of the Datalake clinical data collection system, dealing with data collection, anonymisation and secure data transfer.


A hub of both national and international excellence, it focuses on the digital transformation of public administration and business. Thanks to its public-private synergy, the company offers a bouquet of integrated services and scientific support in the analysis, strategic positioning and monitoring of specific development programmes within the framework of the country’s economic and business development. It contributes to project management activities, definition of the business model after project completion, evaluation of intermediate and final results and networking, marketing and communication activities for the project, as well as providing solid relations with the institutions involved.


As the largest health centre at national and European level with third level diagnosis and care in multiple care pathways and the most important centre in Piedmont for cancer screening, it deals with clinical validations, data collection and is the headquarters of the Biobank within the project. Specific objectives include the establishment of an infrastructure of information from tissues, diagnostic imaging, the development of automatic identification and deep learning techniques capable of providing first-rate scientific and technological contributions to the research and development of clinical and pharmacological solutions in the field of breast and prostate cancer.


As centre specialised in the treatment of oncological diseases, it is an international reference point. It is part of the Piedmont-Valley d’Aosta Oncology Network and is the seat of the Piedmont Foundation for Oncology (FPO). It contributes to the development of new diagnostic technologies useful for the eradication of cancer, including diagnostic tools (radiological and anatomo-pathological) for early diagnosis. Within the project, it has the role of data provider and is involved in the development and technical and clinical validation of the prostate oncology demonstrator for cancer detection.